Service Offer and Active Package

We understand that you would like to concentrate on the more important things as you prepare for your event. This is why we offer extended services to assist you in the planning and execution of your conference.

Of course, there is always the do-it-yourself option where we simply make the rooms, equipment, and beverages available.
Besides our new "Break services," we also offer a Conference package(VAT not included in list prices).

1. Prices for coffee/beverages/service setting:

Per cup of coffee/tea, incl. cream, sugar, and service: 0.70 euro cents
Water, 0.25l: 0.50 euro cents
Apple juice, 0.2l: 1.00 euro
Orange juice, 0.2l: 1.00 euro
Natural, unfiltered apple juice, 5l: €10.00 - a refreshing and healthy alternative for your serving table
Glasses, coffee service (in case beverages are not purchased from the Villa: à 0.25 euro cents

2. Conference Package

You would like to have beverages served during your meeting and do not have the resources to manage it.  We will set the conference table for you, provide the beverages and you do not have any work to do at the end of your meeting.
Beverages are billed as consumed.
Service is a flat rate charge:
Half-day event: €20.00 or €30.00 ( min. 25 persons)
Full-day event: €40.00 or €60.00 (min. 25 persons)

3. Healthy or sweet at the break:

You would like to have the conference beverages, but also some small snacks to be available during the short breaks.
We provide:
- Conference beverages (juice, water, coffee, tea) in sufficient quantities,
- Small pastries or cake, and fruit,
- Service included.
more than 6 persons, €9.00 per person per break; up to 6 persons: €9.00 service charge

The "Active Package" for the breaks:

This is a special service of UNIFIT for conference participants in Villa Denis, to ensure the attention span remains alert and motivation is just as high after the breaks as it was before. If interested in this offer, we can arrange the contact for you.

Exercise without moving – stay in the meeting room or if the weather is nice, out in the park:
Break express: 20 min. for €50
Course unit: 45-60 min. for €100
Half-day: Early or mid-day sport, break express for €130
Full-day: Early sport, Break express, evening sport for €230

Conference Flat Rates