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3 convincing reasons

Versatile offering

At RPTU, you can choose from over 160 degree programs that cover a broad spectrum from engineering and natural sciences to humanities and social sciences. We also combine knowledge from several subject worlds in study programs such as Integrative Social Science, Man and Environment, Socioinformatics or TechnoPhysics.


Well connected

In Kaiserslautern, as in Landau, the campuses are known for short distances between lecture halls and facilities and city centres within walking distance. Thanks to familiar structures and open doors, you will find ideal conditions for successful studies, quickly make contacts and become part of the university community.


High quality of life

The RPTU supports you in a healthy lifestyle and with building your resilience. You benefit from a wide range of exercise and relaxation programs that increase your well-being. Examples include the "Game of TUK" app to promote fitness, yoga classes to overcome exam stress, and the hammock park on campus.


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