Structured PhD-Programs in English

Structured PhD-Programs or IPP`s (International Postgraduate Programs) are a fairly recent development in German higher education. They include a curricular program in your research field and interdisciplinary subjects.

Benefits are:

  • Flexible admission for foreign applicants, e.g. graduates holding a Bachelor`s degree
  • Including financial support /grants and scholarships
  • English largely used in courses and everyday work
  • Team-based doctorate, frequently involving joint research projects which ensures that a constant process of exchange takes place with other doctoral students and supervisor.
PhD Program: Computer Science

Excellent BSc graduates are eligible for this international PhD program which combines MSc modules taught in english with supervised research. The PhD program can be completed within realively short time and culminates in the internationally recognized PhD degree (Dr. rer. nat. or Dr.-Ing.).

Application deadlines:

February 1st (summer term) and July 1st (winter term)

For more information visit the program´s website.

Online Application

PhD Programme "Mathematics"

The Department of Mathematics has a very strong international focus. Since 1986 it has been offering international study programmes in English to attract talented students from all over the world.

Application deadlines:

Anytime; preferably summer or winter semester

For more information visit the program´s website.