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Information about the topic of refugees at RPTU

  • RPTU commits to its welcoming stance towards refugees in the nationwide initiative "Universities for openness, tolerance and against xenophobia", organized by the members of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK)(Original News)

  • Pilot project"ComMINT": New chances for girls from refugee families: Job Orientation weeks at the RPTU- Campus (Original news)

  • Approval of the ISGS application for Online Language Tests & Courses for refugees in the context of the Erasmus+ "Online Linguistic Support (OLS)"(Target languages: German & English | Target group: Refugees who meet the general study requirements of RPTU)

  • "Netzwerk Konkrete Solidarität" continues the idea of "Café Asyl" invented by AStA RPTU aiming at the assistance of refugees (Original News)
    (mondays 5:00-7:00pm, registration via: kskl(at)

If you wish to study at our university, you have to fulfill the same requirements as international prospective students, depending on the respective study program and study degree.

Find out more about your study possibilities:

Find out more about our application requirements:


Here you find your contact persons for:

  • General questions about your studies (StudierendenServiceCenter: SSC)
  • Questions concerning german study programs (Student Affairs: Mrs. Susanne Jacob)
  • Questions concerning german language courses (VKB e.V.: Geschäftsstelle)
  • Questions concerning the coordination of the events for refugees at RPTU (ISGS: Mrs.  Dr.-Ing. Parya Memar)
Asta & RPTU unterstützen Gegendemonstration von "Kaiserslautern gegen Rechts" 27.10.2018
Pilot project"ComMINT": New chances for girls from refugee families: Job Orientation weeks at the RPTU- Campus Unispectrum 02/2018
Award for the joint-project of 16 architecture students of TU KL and 25 refugees, who jointly planned and constructed a wooden pavillonUnispectrum 02/2017
Syrian Country Evening - IntClub RPTU16.11.2016
ISGS-Interview with the first intern at RPTU with refugee background - an internship arranged by the Dept. of Architecture and ISGS

Unispectrum 04/2016

Event Flüchtlingsmigration – Anforderungen an Stadt und Region08.06.2016 | RPTU, Geb.1, R.160
RPTU cited as successful model of integration of refugees into studies by SWR-Radio 13.01.2016
DAAD-Webinar "DAAD-Programme für Flüchtlinge an deutschen Hochschulen"
DAAD-Webinar "DAAD-Programs for refugees at German Universities", registration on Dec.15 via::
Charity-Event "Jointly overcoming borders" - Soccer match for refugees and students of TU


Multilingual Online-Application-portal for German-Intensiv-Course for refugees who are prospective University students (offered by the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern) (until 08.12.2015)
Call for voluntary interpreters & language mediators at RPTU by the Ministry for Integration Rhineland-Palatinate.
AStA supports anti-demonstration "Kaiserslautern gegen Rechts" 



AStA-Workshop „Teachers on the road“ (Training for voluntary german language teachers)21.11.2015
AStA supports anti-demonstration "Kaiserslautern gegen Rechts" 



ISGS-Announcement: Ida-Specialprogram for the assistance of refugees (Original news)

30.11.-02.12.2015 | Bonn 


ISGS-Participation at the HRK-Dialog „Integration of refugees at German Universities" 28.09.2015 | Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn
Participation of RPTU at the "5-Punkte-Programm" of the Ministry of Science and the Universities of Rhineland-Palatinate, aiming at the facilitation of study entries for refugees.



ISGS-Assessment of demand of traineeships for refugees at the Departments of TU Kaiserslautern (upon request of the state chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate)

Announcements until: 18.09.2015

ISGS-Call for arabic translation assistance for refugees in cooperation with the Rotary Club Kaiserslautern14.09.2015
Charity-Event of the Muslim Student Group (MSG): "Give a new life to old clothes and bikes!" (IntClub RPTU10.09.2015
ISGS-foto campaign „Welcome-in-Kaiserslautern“ together with the photographer Thomas Brenner in the context of the campaign „KL ist bunt“ 


SWR-Documentary (about a syrian refugees who expresses his wish to study at RPTU)27.08.2015
ISGS-Call for voluntary translation assistance for underage refugees 16.07.2015
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