Examinations in attendance studies

Please note!

On September 29th 2023 and October 2nd 2023 there will be no telephone office hours.

(Only valid for students of the Campus in Kaiserslautern)

Changed office hours:
Please note that there are temporarily no office hours in Kaiserslautern on Thursdays. (Status: 02.05.23)

Note on electronic communication
Communication will mainly take place electronically - via your RPTU e-mail address!

​​​​​​​Examination regulations

Examination regulations for both locations



Click here to go directly to the QIS (further information on the QIS)
Click here to go directly to KLIPS

current dates

From Thursday afternoon, 28.09.23 until probably 03.10.23 the QIS will not be available due to an extensive system update!

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