Disabilities and chronic illnesses can be a complication in many study situations. Many students are not able to complete their course work in the prescribed manner or within the prescribed time frame due to their disability. Consequently, you are entitled to compensation for disadvantages. The purpose of disadvantage compensation is to ensure equal opportunities.

Compensation for disadvantages must always be agreed on an individual basis and in relation to the situation; there can therefore be no binding guidelines - at best, there can be an overview of possible and proven measures to compensate for disadvantages.

Here are some examples:

- Extensions of examination time, e.g. extension of processing time
-Technical aids, e.g. use of a computer as a writing aid
-Examination assistance, e.g. typist
- Use of an extra examination room under supervision

Note: Please submit a written application to the examination board responsible for you via your examination office in good time.


Permanent illnesses and chronic diseases are generally not relevant illnesses to be taken into account under examination law.
To obtain compensation for disadvantages and the application forms, please contact:

Dr. Christoph Dönges
Xylanderstraße 2
Room XY 319
76829 Landau
Tel.: 06341 280-36733