Health Insurance for Students

Your choice of health insurance depends on two important factors: your country of origin and your age. 

Country of Origin

If you are an EU citizen, you need not take a German medical insurance. However, while still at home, you should obtain proof of health insurance. On your arrival in Germany, you must present this proof of insurance to a German health insurance company such as the AOK or the TK (both situated on campus) which will then certify that you are insured. Please note that it is not possible to enrol at university without being insured! Applicants from EFTA countries (currently Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) follow the same procedure. However, please contact your health insurance company and ask for the services offered in Germany and how charges will be paid for if you need medical treatment.
Applicants who are not citizens of an EU country should get insured in Germany. Whether you can take out private or national insurance depends on your age:


You can take a statuary health insurance cover if you meet the following requirements: you have to be below the age of 30, and you must be enrolled at a university, but not for more than 14 semesters.
You need to choose a health insurance company within four weeks after your arrival in Germany.
If you are above the age of 30 or have studied for more than 14 semesters, you cannot take out national health insurance. You will need to look for a private company, and you will pay more for your insurance. For further information, you can also refer to the related  DAAD-Website.