Living Space and Rent

With regard to the spacious conditions, there clearly is sufficient living space in Germany. Many families own the houses or the comfortable flats they live in. Small apartments are also spacious enough for a good quality of life. In most families every child has his or her own room. In general, the bedroom is clearly separated from the living area.

Germany is known for its rules and regulations. It is therefore not surprising that, by German law, everyone is entitled to a minimum of living space, which is 10-12m² per occupant at the moment. Therefore, a family with two children should have at least 48m² of living space. In most cases however, the actual living space is almost twice that amount.

Moreover, in Kaiserslautern you can rent a spacious flat for a good price. Depending on condition and location, the monthly rent of a flat measuring 100 m² may be as low as 600 EUR. A room of about 20m² in a residence hall including additional charges may cost between 200 EUR and 300 EUR per month.

Please note the difference between rent for your living space only (Kaltmiete), excluding utilities and the rent for the living space as well as the utilities (Warmmiete). The additional costs make up about 38% of the rent and need to be added to the Kaltmiete in order to calculate the Warmmiete, so that different offers can be compared.