First Funding Period 2016-2019:

B07  Spin+Magnon-Control: Controlling interactions between magnons and plasmons

JProf. Dr. Evangelos Papaioannou (Department of Physics, RPTU)
Prof. Dr. Burkard Hillebrands (Department of Physics, RPTU)
Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann (Department of Physics, RPTU)

Project B07 brings together the fields of Magnonics and Plasmonics. The project investigates the emergent properties due to interactions between two collective excitations: plasmons (induced by optical near fields) and magnons. First, the influence of the magnetic field and the presence of a magnetic material on plasmonic excitations in metallic magneto-plasmonic heterostructures will be studied. Second, plasmon-magnon interactions will be realized by exploiting the possibility of surface plasmons to focus light at the nano-scale, and by engineering magnon spectra through nano-patterning techniques.

Aim 1: Manipulation of magneto-plasmon interaction: impact of magnetism on surface plasmons, i.e. manipulation of surface plasmon properties through the use of magnetic materials and external magnetic fields;

Aim 2: Demonstration und understanding of plasmon-magnon interaction: manipulation of magnon properties by using localized and propagating surface plasmons.

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