Research Area A: Fundamental Spin Phenomena

A01  Spin+Orbit-Coupling: Insulator Spin-Orbitronics - Spin-orbit torques and chiral exchange interactions


A02  Spin+Phase-Change: Competing interactions of spin with charge and lattice


A03  Spin+Orbitronics: Antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic topological spintronics


A04  Spin+Phonons: Exploring the interplay between spins and phonons in micro- and nanostructures of spin crossover materials


A05  Spin+Antiferromagnetism: Manipulation and read-out of metallic antiferromagnets

A06  Spin+Microstructure: Interplay between the atomic and the magnetic structure of extended defects

  • Prof. Dr. Herbert M. Urbassek (Department of Physics, RPTU)


A08  Spin+Exchange-Dynamics: Exchange interaction on femtosecond timescales


A09  Spin+Interfacial-Exchange: Exchange interaction of single molecule magnets at ferromagnetic surfaces

A10  Spin+Transport: Dynamic control of spin transport


A11  Spin+Optics: Theoretical design of antiferromagnetic optospintronics


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