Research Area B: Functional Spin Phenomena

B01  Spin+Magnon: Spin excitations for information processing

B02  Spin+Current: Diffusive spin currents and beyond


B03  Spin+Non-Equilibrium: Ultrafast non-equilibrium and transport

B04  Spin+Magnon-Control: Macroscopic quantum state magnonics

B05  Spin+Coupling-Control: Control of spin-spin interactions in hybrid layer systems

B08  Spin+Mechanical Sensing: Investigation and characterization of strain induced spin phenomena in engineering materials

B11  Spin+THz-Dynamics: Understanding and utilizing photon-to-magnon conversion processes

B12  Spin+AFM/FM-Hybrids: Designing multifunctional AFM/FM hybrid systems with chiral interactions


B13  Spin+Spin-orbit torque: Spin dynamics and spin-orbit torques in magnetic hybrids

B14 Spin+Hybrid Spin-Orbit Coupling: Tuning the spin Hall angle in molecule-magnetic systems

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