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eLabFTW is our Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN).

Our instance is commercially hosted by deltablot, the company of the developer of the software, Nicolas Carpi. It is used (and paid for) by all of Spin+X. In the long term, after the paid hosting period is over, it should move to RHRK Servers to be part of the university-wide reseach data infrastructure, hence the URL https://elab.uni-kl.de

Documentation and Manuals

Accounts and Login

Logins are handled by Shibboleth, the central university login service provided by the rhrk. Therefore you should always log in with your rhrk account through the "Login through your Institution" button, see image.

If your account was already created by a group admin (you have received an email), you will directly be assigned the right team and can start using everything. If that has not happened, you will land in the "default" team on login, please contact a sysadmin to assign you correctly.

If you don't have an RHRK account (which should be the exception) and cannot use Shibboleth to login, you can register an account directly on the platform. In this case, put in your data and choose a **secure** password and select the team you want to join (AG ). Your account will be active as soon as a Team Admin has confirmed it. Afterwards, you can log in directly with your email and password in the "ignore" part of the image.

Always log in with your personal account before generating content in elab! Like in a paper labbook, it is very important to document who did an entry. In elab, changes are automatically logged and linked to the user that made them. The only exception to this should be automatically generated content, see next.

The manual registration procedure will be used in combination with the API to create non-personalized accounts that automatically generate content in elab. For example, a measurement software could auto-fill the settings for each measurement using an account "Chamber Something". We will need to test and implement this in the future.


In the user settings, you should enable display of the team experiments and templates (see image), so you can see the entries of your colleagues in the list and use their templates for convenience.


Groups are an organizational structure of the elabftw system comparable to our chamber teams. The system is very flexible,you can be a member of any number of groups. Creation and user assignment of groups can be easily done by the admins if needed. If you want to be added to a specific group, just contact them.

Groups are an additional way to organize the Team into subunits, but don't have significant importance, since the principle access policy should be "open to all the Team".

Responsible Persons

Currently, the administration is handled by the following persons:

System Admins

  • Aneta Daxinger/ Matthias Klein E-Mail

  • Nicolas CARPi E-Mail (Hoster, contact only in case of problems we cannot solve internally!)

Group Admins

The Research Groups are represented in ElabFTW as "Teams".

The Team Admins are the respective PIs, plus the responsible persons that they might assign.

General Usage







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