Only for employees: By logging in you can link your shortened URLs with your RHRZ account and edit them later


With our shortener, you can convert long and unwieldy links (URLs) into short and convenient links so that they can be easily shared, printed or scanned via QR code.


Which URLs can be shortended?

You can use the shortener to shorten URLs from the domain and all subdomains.
(URLs with special components that could control the behavior of the target URL are not shortened. Example: )

How can I shorten a URL?
  • Enter the long URL in the form field.
  • Click on the "Generate" button to create a short URL.
  • The URL shortener generates a unique short URL that is made available to you.
  • In addition, a QR code is created that visually represents the short URL.
  • You can now use the short URL to share, paste or print it.
How do you I get a short URL that I can change later?
  • Log in with your RPTU account
  • Create a short URL
  • You will then find your generated URL in the "Dashboard" menu item
  • Click on "Edit" to adjust the URL destination if it has changed.
How do I get a short URL that is better readable?
  1. Log in with your RPTU account.
  2. Click on "Vanity URLs".
  3. Enter an abbreviation and the URL to be linked to it and click Submit.
  4. You can edit the vanity URLs later in the "Dashboard" menu item.