Preparation courses DSH at RPTU

Online Vacation Courses for Preparation for the exam DSH at RPTU in Kaiserslautern

In preparation for the DSH exams in March and September, a four-week preparatory course is offered on our learning platform, OpenOlat, using the video tool BigBlueButton.

Course duration: 4 instructional hours daily (9:00 - 10:30 / 10:15 - 12:15) Next course: 26.02.2024 – 21.03.2024 Registration deadline: 07.02.2024

Download the registration form here.


Intensive course during the lecture period (26-28 instructional hours per week)

On-site course OR Online course

You can also attend this course online from home! Only for the exam, you will need to come to Kaiserslautern.

So, if you are still waiting for your visa but want to study at RPTU, you can take the course on our learning platform and make good use of your time. Sometimes, it takes a few months for the visa to be issued, and during this period, you can enhance your German to DSH level!

The course includes:

  • 16 instructional hours of German course (Reading / Listening / Grammar / Speaking)
  • 4 instructional hours of German course in small groups (Writing / Speaking)
  • Video course in Mathematics
  • From the middle of the course, 4 instructional hours of subject-specific language in the future field of study
  • DSH exam simulations

The course is offered both in on-site groups and online groups. The online components are conducted on the eLearning platform OLAT of the eTeaching Service Center of RPTU. Certain cross-group events (subject-specific languages, simulations) are exclusively offered online.

Prerequisite for participation: German proficiency level B-1 and successful placement test.

Next course

29.04.2024 to 27.07.2024 (= estimated date for the written DSH exam)


€950 (with admission to study at RPTU in the summer semester of 2024)
€1250 (without admission to study at RPTU in the winter semester of 2024; registrations possible only if there are remaining slots after the registration period)

Registrations for the course are conditional on sufficient language proficiency for participation.
Language proficiency assessment may also be conducted through an online interview.

Registration deadline for the DSH course in the summer semester: 22.03.2024