MathApp - Mathematics applied to real-world problems


Complex problems can often only be mastered using mathematical models. The potential area MathApp addresses a variety of relevant problems from economy, industry and society. An interdisciplinary team of mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers jointly explores the mathematical structures implied by these models. The result is not only a gain in knowledge within mathematics, but also the resulting innovative mathematical methods and powerful algorithms, with the help of which, the initial challenge is mastered.


MathApp is part of the Rhineland-Palatinate research initiative and sees itself as an interdisciplinary potential area that promotes the networking of mathematics and engineering sciences and the associated (young) scientists. In particular, this initiates concrete research projects through bi- and multilateral collaborations under a common, unifying theme and through the formulation of interesting, interdisciplinary projects. The promotion of young scientists and the strengthening of Kaiserslautern as a mathematics location are the main focus.


The potential area can rely on the successful interdisciplinary research with mathematical reference at the RPTU in general and in the previous research center (CM)2 (Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling) in particular, as well as on the extraordinary research infrastructure in Kaiserslautern. Thus, industrial partners and the resident internationally renowned research institutes, in particular the
Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) and the
Center for Simulation- and Software-based Innovation
are involved as partners.


The potential area is open for new, interdisciplinary application directions and cooperations, especially for committed young scientists. If you are interested in a cooperation or a joint research project, please feel free to contact us.