BCH and Hamming Codes

BCH codes for blocklength of up to 1023 and different error correction capability t can be downloaded. Note, that Hamming codes are BCH codes with t=1. BCH and Hamming codes are cyclic codes, that can be described by a parity check matrix, where each row is a shifted version of the neighboring rows (We have called this form "strip format", because the '1's form diagonal stips in the matrix).

NKRatetParity Check Matrix
740.571matrix or alist
15110.731matrix or alist
1570.472matrix or alist
31260.841matrix or alist
31210.682matrix or alist
31160.523matrix or alist
31110.355matrix or alist
63570.901matrix or alist
63510.812matrix or alist or 1-min
63450.713matrix or alist or 1-min
63390.624matrix or alist or 1-min
63360.575matrix or alist or 1-min
63300.486matrix or alist or 1-min
1271200.941matrix or alist
1271130.892matrix or alist
1271060.833matrix or alist
127990.784matrix or alist or 1-min
127920.725matrix or alist or 1-min
127850.676matrix or alist or 1-min
127780.617matrix or alist or 1-min
127710.569matrix or alist or 1-min
127640.5010matrix or alist or 1-min
2552470.971matrix or alist
2552390.942matrix or alist or 1-min
2552310.913matrix or alist
2552230.874matrix or alist
2552150.845matrix or alist
2552070.816matrix or alist or 1-min
2551990.787matrix or alist
2551910.758matrix or alist
2551630.6412matrix or alist or 1-min
5115020.981matrix or alist
5114930.962matrix or alist
5114840.953matrix or alist
5114750.934matrix or alist
5114660.915matrix or alist
5114570.896matrix or alist
102310130.991matrix or alist
102310030.982matrix or alist
10239930.973matrix or alist
10239830.964matrix or alist


DVB S-2 BCH Codes

DVB S-2 uses BCH codes as an outer code (in addition to the inner LDPC). Matrices for the short frame are provided.

NKRatetParity Check Matrix
324030720.9512matrix or alist
540052320.9712matrix or alist
648063120.9712matrix or alist
720070320.9812matrix or alist
16383162150.9912matrix or alist


Extended BCH Codes

Extended BCH codes have an additional parity bit, that checks all bit positions.

NKRateParity Check Matrix
128640.5matrix or alist