Ageing Smart

Major interdisciplinary joint project approved: Ageing Smart - Designing spaces intelligently.

With the topic of Ageing Smart, the potential area of region and city addresses social challenges in the area of conflict between demographic change and digitalization. The Carl Zeiss Foundation has approved a five-year joint project that specifically integrates the expertise of computer science and mathematics alongside RPTU's spatial sciences ( The funding amounts to €4.3 million.

The university management congratulates the consortium on having acquired the coordinated project in such a high-ranking funding procedure.


- Far-reaching spatial trends create uncertainty and require new methods and instruments for spatial planning for different residential locations.

- Municipal actors make insufficient use of existing data and information.

- Demands on the place of residence and the region, behaviors and potentials of the large cohort of baby boomers are largely unknown.


- To support municipalities in the sustainable design of spaces with regard to the transition of baby boomers into retirement with the help of a new type of decision support system.

Basic idea and network: