Information on the new examination regulations starting in winter semester 2022/2023

Starting in winter semester 2022/2023, there will be two different examination regulations for the CVT study program with different contents and guidelines:

  1. For all CVT students newly enrolled in winter semester 2022/2023 or later, the new examination regulations from 2022 apply.
  2. For all CVT students enrolled before winter semester 2022/2023, the examination regulations from 2019 apply together with the regulation in §25 of the examination regulations from 2022. However, there is the possibility to voluntarily change to the new examination regulations 2022 in winter semester 2022/2023. A change is only possible upon application and cannot be revoked. Please note the information in OLAT about this.

Module Handbook & Timetable

Here first-year students (and of course all other CVT students) can find information about which courses they have to attend in CVT studies and how they can compose their lectures with the help of an online course catalog.

Course catalog and timetable

The Kommunikations- und Informationssystem (KIS) of the RPTU is a web-based information system for (course) event planning and online course catalogs. Here you can find all lectures with all necessary information.

Under "Studiengänge und Veranstaltungen" -> "Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik" -> "Masterstudiengänge" -> "Commercial Vehicle Technology", the compulsory modules of the study program can be found in a (weekly) overview. Please note: Only the compulsory modules are listed here. You have to select the compulsory elective modules individually. Please also make sure that you have always selected the current semester in KIS.

Not all lectures from the module handbook are always offered. In addition to the comparison with the KIS, the websites of the chairs and the offering department should also be checked. For the Department of Computer Science, the scheduled lectures can also be viewed here.

KIS-Office is a web calendar for students with integrated course catalog. Every student of the RPTU can use this private organizer via internet and transfer lectures directly from the online course catalog into the online calendar to manage them there together with private appointments. Students can be informed by e-mail about changes in dates that have been taken over from the course catalog. In this way, they are always informed about changes in dates, cancelled lectures or additional dates. (Source Dept. Z.2)

Curriculum & Downloads

Information about the curriculum and downloads

Module Book

To the module book of the university