Funding for your doctorate

There are several options to finance your Doctorate in the field of Commercial Vehicle Technology:

  • The professor employs the doctoral candidate in his/her department as a research assistant
  • Scholarship (DAAD, governmental scholarship from your home country, industry grant etc.)
  • Your employer finances your doctoral studies
  • Private financing

The duration of your doctorate depends on the type of funding. Students working as research assistants may take longer for graduation than those having a full grant. The average time for doctoral graduation takes from 3 years (scholarship) to 5 years (full time job as a research assistant). Your research will be embedded in larger teams and you will be supported and constantly supervised by the staff and the professor of the respective chair or institute. The equipment that you need for your research work will be made available to you.

Research assistants benefit from this Doctorate financing strategy in various ways. They not only gain knowledge on their special subject, but also gain experience in industry projects and other research facilities. They will learn to lead a group of student assistants and guide students with their student projects. Furthermore, research assistants develop other key competencies like self-management, project management, competencies in writing proposals and financial management.