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According to the University regulations, doctoral studies in the field of Commercial Vehicle Technology are allocated to one of the participating engineering Departments, depending on the specialization of the research topic:

Many chairs/institutes of the involved departments are organized in the Center for Commercial Vehicle Technology (ZNT). ZNT is an interdisciplinary institute for commercial vehicle-specific research, development and services at RPTU. Through numerous research activities and cooperation projects with the commercial vehicle industry, the field of commercial vehicle technology has established itself as a research and technology focus at RPTU in recent years. The main objectives of the ZNT are to further increase and secure expertise at the Kaiserslautern site. The ZNT therefore acts as a central point of contact for companies and scientific institutions on commercial vehicle-specific research and development issues and as an initiator of interdisciplinary, practical research projects. In particular, the proximity of the ZNT to important commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers offers the opportunity for intensive cooperation.

The doctoral degree awarded will be ‘Dr.-Ing.’ (or alternatively ‘Dr. rer. nat.’ in Computer Science) provided by one of the above mentioned departments. The specialization within the research field will be mentioned.

The doctorate in one of the respective departments is a research-based doctoral training program, not a taught doctoral program. Hence, a doctoral candidate must first find an individual advisor from one of the participating departments accepting him or her as doctoral student. A second advisor will be nominated either from the same or another department participating in the CVT Graduate School.


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