Poster presentations

Infrared photodissociation spectroscopy of H+(H2O)6 and D+(D2O)6: The role of zero point energy on isomer stability

Harald Knorke, Jonathan V. Barnes, John T. Kelly, Knut R. Asmis

Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy – Investigation of Cluster dynamics in liquid environment

Nicolas Bock, Astrid De Clercq, Ueli Heiz, Friedrich Esch

Dynamics of Supported Clusters under the Fast STM: Ptn/Fe3O4(001)

Alexander Bourgund, Barbara A. J. Lechner, Friedrich Esch and Ueli Heiz

Light induced collapse of Magnesium Complexes in ultracold Helium Nanodroplets

L. Kazak, S. Göde, J. Tiggesbäumker and K.-H. Meiwes-Broer

Supported size-selected Ta clusters in solution for epoxidation reactions

M. Krause, G. Zwaschka, M. Rondelli, D. H. Anjum, M. N. Hedhili, M. P. Högerl, M. D. Rötzer, J.-M. Basset, V. D’Elia, F. F. Schweinberger, and U. Heiz

Probing Cluster Surface Morphology by Cryo Kinetics and Spectroscopy of N2 on Cationic Nickel Clusters

Meyer, J., Dillinger, S., Mohrbach, J. and Niedner-Schatteburg, G.

Correlation between magnetic properties and structural defects in individual cobalt nanoparticles

Savchenko T.M., Béché A., Timm M., Bracher D.M., Khadra G., Tamion A., Tournus F., Albin C., Dupuis V., Verbeeck J., Nolting F., Kleibert A.

Production and photoelectron spectroscopy on mass selected polyanionic metal clusters

Müller, M., Martinez, F., Iwe, N., Bandelow, S., Marx, G., Tiggesbäumker, J., Meiwes-Broer, K.-H., Schweikhard, L.

3D characterization of free nanostructures via two-color coherent diffractive imaging

Sander, K., Yurkin, M.A. and Fennel, T.

Optical spectra of mass-selected ionic clusters

W. Schewe, M. Förstel, B.K.A. Jaeger, O. Dopfer

Signature of Rabi cycling in single-shot coherent diffractive imaging

Kruse, B., Peltz, C., Fennel, T.

New experimental setup suitable for time-resolved VUV photoelectron spectroscopy of size-selected clusters

Alexander Koop, Gerd Ganteför, Frederico Pressacco, Wilfried Wurth, Wolfgang Eberhardt

Hydrogen Induced Structure Change of Ruthenium Clusters

Dennis Bumüller, Eugen Waldt, Anna-Sophia Hehn, Reinhart Ahlrichs, Manfred M. Kappes and Detlef Schooss

A size resolved infrared spectroscopic study on the free OH stretch motion on the surface of neutral, sodium-doped water clusters

Florian Zurheide, Christoph W. Dierking, Udo Buck, Thomas Zeuch

The optical absorption spectrum of Au4+

M. Förstel, W., Schewe, B.K.A., Jaeger, O., Dopfer

Intrinsic Magnetism of Hetero-Bimetallic 3d-4f Complexes by XMCD Spectroscopy

Joachim M. Hewer, Matthias Tombers, Johannes Lang, Sebastian Schmitt, Yanhua Lan, Annie K. Powell, Vicente Zamudio-Bayer, J. Tobias Lau, Bernd von Issendorff, Akira Terasaki, Thomas Schlathölter, Ronnie Hoekstra, Asamanjoy Bhunia, Munendra Yadav, Ravi Yadav, Peter W. Roesky, and Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg

On the Linewidth in Photoelectron Spectra of Size-Selected Clusters

Alexander Koop and Gerd Ganteför

Anisotropic Island Growth of eposited Clusters of Ferromagnetic Metals in Magnetic Fields

Dominik Hierling, Andreas Dollinger, and Gerd Ganteför

The X-Ray Movie Camera: Filming Ultrafast Light Induced Dynamics of Individual Gas-Phase Clusters

Sauppe, M., Bischoff, T., Heilrath, A., Kolatzki, K., Langbehn, B., Müller, M., Senfftleben, B., Ulmer, A., Zimbalski, J., Zimmermann, J., Flückiger, L., Gorkhover, T., Bostedt, C., Kumagai, Y., Bomme, C., Düsterer, S., Erk, B., Kuhlmann, M., Passow, C., Rolles, D., Rompotis, D., Toleikis, S., Treusch, R., Feigl, T., Möller, T., and Rupp, D.

Bringing the Chemical Laboratory to the Reaction: Coupling of Microfluidics with IRPD Spectroscopy

Martin Mayer, Maik Phal, Detlev Belder, and Knut R. Asmis

Two-color phase-of-the-phase spectroscopy in the multiphoton regime Michael Zabel Resonant Ignition of Doped Helium Droplets

Kelbg, M., Kazak, L., Tiggesbäumker, J., Meiwes-Broer, K.-H.

Extreme Size-Dependence of the Oxidation Behavior of Molybdenum Clusters

Dominik Hierling, Martin Link, Andreas Dollinger, and Gerd Ganteför, Eunji Park, and Young Dok Kim

Crossed-beam imaging of microsolvated SN2 reactions

Bastian, B., Michaelsen, T., Meyer, J., Wester, R.

Attosecond Electron Scattering in Dielectric Nanoparticles

Seiffert, Liu, Q., Zherebtsov, S., Trabattoni, A., Rupp, P., Castrovilli, M. C., Galli, M., Süßmann, F., Wintersperger, K., Stierle, J., Sansone, G., Poletto, L., Frassetto, F., Halfpap, I., Mondes, V., Graf, C., Rühl, E., Krausz, F., Nisoli, M., Fennel, T., Calegari, F., Kling, M.

Electronic Configuration and Charge Transfer of Terbium (I, II, III) Ions in Organometallic Ligand Complexes

Timm, M., Bülow, C., Zamudio-Bayer, V., Lindblad, R., von Issendorff, B., Lau, J. T.

Instrumental enhancement of a semi-continuous time-of-flight mass selector for clusters

Philipp Gust, Alexander Kononov, Dominik Wolter, Heinz Hövel

“Non Classical” Dinitrogen Bonding and Magnetostructural Correlations in Trinuclear Iron - Oxo Acetate Complexes

J. Lang, J. Mohrbach, S. Dillinger, J. M. Hewer and G. Niedner-Schatteburg

Formation and stabilization of silver and gold nanoparticles in room temperature ionic liquids

Alexander Kononov, Stefanie Roese, Florian Lippert, Heinz Hövel

High harmonic generation from thin SiO2 foils

Liewehr, B., Peltz, C., Fennel, T.

Mixed gold cluster ions from doped helium nanodroplets

M. Goulart, F. Laimer, M. Kuhn, P. Martini, N. Gitzl, L. Kranabetter, M. Rastoghi, M. Mahmoodi, O. Echt, A.M. Ellis, A. Kaiser, A. Mauracher, J. Postler, and P. Scheier

Multiply charged ions with Rydberg electrons from the coulomb explosion of clusters

D. Komar, L. Kazak, M. Almassarani, K-H. Meiwes-Broer, and J. Tiggesbäumker

Disentangling the electronic structure of transition metal dimers by non-linear optical spectroscopy

Beck, M., Visser, B., Bornhauser, P., Knopp, G., van Bokhoven, J.A., Radi, P.P.