3MET Workshop

Vom 8. bis 11. Oktober findet am Fachbereich Chemie der RPTU der I. Internationale Workshop „Metal-to-Metal-Communication in OligonuclearComplexes“ im Rahmen des Transregio Sonderforschungsbereichs TRR-88 „3MET“ statt. Als Keynote-Speaker haben u.a. Prof. Pierre Braunstein, CNRS, Universite de Strassbourg, Prof. Tobin Marks, NorthwesternUniversity, Il, USA, Prof. Thorsten Glaser, Universität Bielefeld und Prof. Felix Tuczek, Christian Albrechts Universität Kiel zugesagt.

Es besteht die Möglichkeit für Kinderbetreuung Stipendien zu beantragen. Bitte wenden sie sich dazu an dreimet[at]chemie.uni-kl.de.




Monday, October 8th 


18:00 Welcome Reception with Poster session Part I


Tuesday, October 9th 


8:45 Getting started

  Welcome and organizational announcements

9:15Session one
Keynote Lecture 1
Pierre Braunstein
 “The Diversity of the Metal – Ligand Interplay in Metal Clusters”

10:15 Oral contribution 1
Frederic W. Patureau, Marie-Laure Louillat
“Cooperativity, carboxylate ligands, and dinuclear systems in modern cross-dehydrogenative C-H activation couplings”

10:45 Oral contribution 2
S. Rackwitz, T. O. Bauer, I. Faus, J. A. Wolny, R. Diller, H.-J. Krüger, V. Schünemann
“Conventional and synchrotron-based Mössbauer Spectroscopy on di- and trinuclear
  Fe(II) spin crossover complexes and cooperativity”

11:15 Coffee break

11:45 Session two

11:45 Oral contribution 3
P.W. Roesky
“Homodinuclear Lanthanide Complexes and Heterodinuclear Lanthanide-d-Metal Complexes”

12:15 Oral contribution 4 
 J. Paradies
“Novel Bisphosphines for the Amidation of Sterically Demanding Aryl Chlorides”

12:45 Oral contribution 5
M. Bauer
„X-ray absorption and X-ray emission spectroscopy: Shining hard X-ray light on the geometric and electronic structure of metal complexes“

13:15 Lunch

14:30Session three

The 3MET Lecture 2012
Tobin Marks

“Bridges between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis. Single-Site and Multiple-Site Olefin Polymerization Processes

15:30 Oral contribution 6
Stefan Bräse, Thomas Baumann
“Luminescent Binuclear Copper Complexes for Applications in Material Sciences and Chemical Biology“

16:00 Oral contribution 7
Jennifer Meyer, Matthias Tombers, Heinrich Kampschulte, Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg
“Spin and Orbital Magnetic Moments of Isolated Transition Metal Oligomers:
 Achievements and Perspectives”

16:30 Coffee break

17:15Session four

17:15 Oral contribution 8
Adam Kubas, Karin Fink
“On the new paracyclophane-based ligands in dialkylzinc additions to a,b-unsaturated
aldehydes. A quantum chemical approach.”

17:45 Oral contribution 9
Werner R. Thiel, LeilaTaghizadeh Goochany, Saeid  Farsadpour, Merve Cayir, Simon Walg, Isabel Munstein, Christian Kerner, Yu Sun
 “Linking More Than Two Metal Sites by Pyrazole Based Ligands”

18:15 Announcements

18:45 Poster session with “Pfälzer Abend”

Wednesday, October 10th


Welcome, get started

9:15 Session five

Keynote Lecture 2

Thorsten Glaser
  “Probing Optimization Strategies of Single-Molecule Magnets

10:15 Oral contribution 10
Valeriu Mereacre, Amer Baniodeh, Dirk Schray, Yanhua Lan, Christopher E. Anson, Annie K. Powell
“Probing lanthanide anisotropy using 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy”

10:45 Oral contribution 11
Carmen Herrmann
“Designing electronic communication in functional magnetic molecules”

11:15 Coffee break

11:45 Session six 

11:45 Oral contribution 12
Tatjana Karpuschkin, Ulrike Schwarz, Florian Schinle, Matthias Vonderach, Manfred Kappes, Patrick Weis, Oliver Hampe
  Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Ion Chemistry of Mono‐, Di‐ and Trinuclear
Metal Porphyrine Multianions”

12:15 Oral contribution 13
Mario Ruben
“Mononuclear but Communicative - Molecular Quantum Spintronics”

12:45 Oral contribution 14
Christoph van Wüllen, Eva Keßler, Sebastian Schmitt
“DFT calculation of zero field splittings in multinuclear complexes”

13:15 Lunch

14:30 Session seven

Keynote Lecture 3

Felix Tuczek

  “Bonding and Activation of Dinitrogen on Mono-, Di- and Polynuclear Transition-Metal
  Centers: Implications on a Nitrogen-Fixing Cycle under Ambient Conditions”

15:30 Oral contribution 15
Georg Lefkidis, Wolfgang Hübner
“Theory of laser-induced, ultrafast spin-flip and spin-transfer in two-magnetic-center clusters”

16:00Oral contribution 16
Fabian Menges, Yevgeniy Nosenko, Max Gaffga, Christoph Riehn, Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg
“2 color schemes enhance IRMPD such that 3MET complexes become accessible”

16:30 Coffee break

17:15 Session eight

17:15 Oral contribution 17
Detlef Schooss, Jean-Francois Greisch, Sergei Lebedkin, Manfred M. Kappes
“Luminescence Properties of Isolated Rhodamin and Lanthanide Complexes”

17:45 Oral contribution 18
Lukas Goossen, Sukalyan Bhadra
“Decarboxylative Couplings Mediated by Bimetallic Catalysts”

18:15 Concluding remarks

20:00 Conference Dinner at Restaurant “21”