The research of new concept and technologies for reduction of energy and resource consumption of mobile working machines have to be made using a numerical simulation, test bench trials and test in the the bearers of technology. The achievement of the project objectives is supported determining by the buildup of a extensive numerical model of a mobile working machine. This simulation environment is used for energy and consumption calculation of the machine in its operation as well as over its whole life cycle. In this way conventional systems can be compared with new concepts. Based on this possible solutions and technologies have to be developed, analyzed and evaluated.

The flowing working steps have to be done within the proposed project:

  • Development of an environment for numerical simulation of energy and resource consumption of mobile working machines
  • Development of typical operation scenarios and life cycle phases
  • Verification of the simulation models using field measurements and test bench trials
  • Derivation of new concepts and technologies for increasing the energy efficiency
  • Analysis and evaluation of the concepts and technologies for representative energy supply, production and operation processes with the help of numerical simulations
  • Development of a product and process model for evaluating the energy consumption during the whole life cycle

Due to the complexity and multilayeredness of the project, its realization is only possible with the tight bundling of the different competencies of the four proposers.

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