Main topic of the project is the research and development of energy efficient concepts and technologies for mobile working machines. Major focus will be put on the powertrain, energy management, friction management and life cycle management.


Main Objectives:

  • Optimization of conventional mechanical-hydraulic components and systems
  • Development of new, more efficient machatronical comportments and systems
  • Eco-efficient analysis of alternative solutions based on the complete process chain



Important Sub-Objectives:

  • Creation of a concept for energy recovery and storing
  • Development of concepts for electrification
  • Designing of energy-efficient operating strategies
  • Reduction of friction losses
  • Deduction of evaluation methods for the processes energy supply, production and operation
  • Evaluating of the concepts for reducing the energy and recourse demand in the whole product life cycle based on a software prototype



Internal Workspace

Teamplace ERMA
in the Research Network of RPTU. [Link]

Teamplace ERMA
in Cooperation with the Associated Project Partner Volvo. [Link]