During the last years the scarcity of fossil resources and raw materials, as long as the rising energy costs have brought the automotive industry to a massive change in their thinking. The reduction of energy consumption and successive use of renewable energy are since than one of the most important innovation topics in this industry branch. New and further developments for reducing the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption can be seen mainly in the passenger cars sector, in which are present very high political requirements on the technical developments. On the other hand, in the field of mobile working machines there are still no widespread comprehensive measures for increasing the energy efficiency, e.g. aimed friction reduction, recuperation or electrification. The further increase energy costs, the need of sustainable production models and the growing competitive pressure will increase significantly the energetic requirements in this sector too. Therefore extensive concepts, new structures and innovative technical approaches for increasing the total energy efficiency of the mobile working machines are needed. For this is a consideration of the power generation and allocation as long as the power consumption needed, in order to determine, how far will the electrification and the use of alternative materials introduce benefits for the global balance considering ecological efficiency.

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