Sub-Project WG KIMA

Development of a digital model of mobile excavator for energy loss and consumption simulation with following energetic optimization of the working machine on hydraulic mechanical basis

The workgroup KIMA crates and verifies a complete numerical model for extensive energy analysis of a mobile working machine to be used as simulation platform after modularization. Furthermore a trial for optimization of the existent mechnical-hydraulic systems will be performed. The group KIMA provides the load profile and achievement goals of the representative tasks for the other workgroups.

Project Objective

Objective of the proposed project is, at first, to create and verify an extensive digital model of an excavator. It consists in a muty-body simulation model of the excavator mechanics, that coupled with the model of the hydraulic drive train and the operating hydraulics, is able to calculate the energy consumption for different operations. This model is to be used as simulation platform for all in the proposal included concepts.

In the second step are created concepts, in which the operation hydraulics are being optimized in regard to the energetic aspects. Part of this, as development and analysis of pure hydraulic-mechanical optimization concepts, is the sub-project proposal of the workgroup MEC. As following the concepts developed within this as long as other sub-projects of ERMA will be integrated the complete model of the excavator. Using different operation scenarios these will be compared with each other considering energy consumption.


In particular the following working steps have to be done:

  • Creation and verification of a modular simulation platform for energy and consumption calculation of an excavator
  • Development of energetic optimized hydraulic-mechanical concepts
  • Implementation of further energetic optimized concepts from other sub-projects in the mentioned simulation model
  • Comparison of the new concepts with the existent system

Core competences

The institute has many years of experience in the field of construction, simulation and also optimization of mobile working machines. Many research works were performed within those fields.






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