The sub-tasks of the project are distributed accordingly to the core competences of the research groups. During the project term an intense information exchange will be present, which will connect the work in the particular groups. These substantial connections between the research groups are presented in the following picture:

The Sub-Projects

  • SP WG KIMA: Development of a digital model of mobile excavator to be used for energy loss and consumption simulations with following energetic optimization of the working machine on hydraulic-mecanical base
  • SP WG MEGT: Optimization of friction losses at gaskets and bearings
  • SP WG MEC: Energy efficient mechatronical drive systems for mobile working machines
  • SP WG VPE: Derivation and development of process oriented methods and concepts for life-cycle wide assessment and evaluation of the energy and resource demand of mobile working machines




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Sub-Project WG KIMA
Sub-Project WG MEGT
Sub-Project WG MEC
Sub-Project WG VPE