Workshops & Trainings

in particular for conflict, trauma and gender sensitivity

Workshops and Trainings in Adult Education

Which capabilities and competencies are necessary to deal with conflict dynamics in a constructive way? How do we use these competencies productively? It is essential to proceed in a sensitive manner taking into consideration conflict potentials, traumatization and gender aspects when dealing with civil conflict transformation and crisis prevention. The qualifications to do so can render peacemaking efforts more effective and sustainable.
The Peace Academy identifies the relevancy of these basic conflict transformation skills for varying contexts and provides a qualification and advanced training program for various target groups. Our varied program is on the one hand addressed to groups that encounter potentially conflictive or violent situations in their professional or voluntary work (such as members of the police forces and civil society initiatives working in refugee assistance or development cooperation programs) and on the other hand addressed to multipliers in the sectors of peace work and education (such as peace workers, development workers, teachers and counselors).


Workshops and Trainings for Children and Youth

A special focus of our activities seeks to strenghten children's and young people's sensitivity to conflict and to enhance their capacity for peaceful conflict transformation. To this aim we have developed a training and workshop program directed at schools and youth groups. Our trainings include:

  • Trainings for peace and conflict competencies
  • Workshop "Political and religious extremism"
  • Workshop "Sensitive togetherness"
  • Workshop "Flight, asylum and trauma sensitivity"

With the approach "Understanding - Living - Acting" each training and each workshop includes the age-appropriate systematic transfer of knowledge about peace and conflict and the respective focus topic as well as the reflection of the participants' life significance. In addition, the courses aim to strengthen the participants' own conflict competencies and to acquire basic decision-making skills in constructive conflict management.

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