Transregional Collaborative Research Center

SFB/TRR 173 Spin+X

Kaiserslautern - Mainz

Spin+X supports Ukrainian scientists

Spin+X offers support to scientists from Ukraine who have been directly affected by the war. An eligible candidate should propose a contribution relevant to the research conducted within Spin+X. If you are a Spin+X scholar interested in this call, please contact the Spin+X office and outline the science relevant to Spin+X you are proposing and the support you would like to receive. In addition, we especially encourage students from Ukraine who are pursuing a Master's or PhD program to contact us.

Spin+X - Spin in its collective environment

The Transregional Collaborative Research Center 173 Spin+X investigates spin properties from various perspectives and by connecting several scientific disciplines. Its research encompasses the whole range of spin research spanning from microscopic properties, to emergent spin phenomena and to the coupling to the macroscopic world. This constitutes a new discipline that we refer to as Advanced Spin Engineering, which seeks to create new functionalities based on spin physics. Spin+X builds on an outstanding research infrastructure in physics and chemistry at RPTU and JGU, as well as in engineering at RPTU, which are at the forefront of spin-related science and technology.

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