Research Areas

The Spin+X research projects in the current funding period are organized into two research areas:

In Research Area A, the fundamental spin phenomena that underlie all effects and mechanisms in magnetism will be studied. The projects in this Research Area encompass Basic Spin Properties and Collective Spin Effects. Of specific interest are the fundamental interactions between spins (Spin+Spin) as well as the coupling between spin and orbital degrees of freedom (Spin+Orbit). Spin and orbital moments are the two carriers of angular momentum that are at the heart of any electron spin phenomenon. Research Area A thus provides the basic insights necessary to functionalize spin phenomena.

Research Area A: Fundamental Spin Phenomena


Research Area B will focus on functional spin phenomena, including those that will emerge from fundamental features, as covered in Research Area A. Of specific interest are functional spin phenomena, which are transport phenomena (Spin+Transport), as well as phenomena that allow one to control (Spin+Control) and use spin as a tool (Spin as a Tool), relevant for engineering. They are mainly based on Collective Spin Effects that result from the fundamental spin-spin and spin-orbit interactions and these projects serve as a bridge to Advanced Spin Applications.

Research Area B: Functional Spin Phenomena