Spin+X Supply Chain Concept

All Spin+X research projects are connected through a network of Supply Chains, which is the major strategic instrument used in Spin+X for connecting the individual research projects. The network consists of six Supply Chains, each encompassing several of the scientific projects addressing a common topic. These six key topics have been identified as major challenges in advanced spin engineering and have therefore been chosen for targeted research within Spin+X. Each topic spans projects from fundamental, curiosity driven research to technologically driven or even engineering-based projects. The Supply Chain concept enables a fast and thorough transfer of knowledge within Spin+X. The focused interaction within a Supply Chain goes far beyond the standard bilateral interactions and the commonly used networks. The Supply Chain Network is administered actively and thus goes beyond the common level of interactions. In addition, the Supply Chain Network is dynamic – it will be adjusted to the actual needs of transfer between the projects, and it will adjust correspondingly during the full course of funding periods of Spin+X.

With the Supply Chains Network we:

(i) naturally integrate the engineering projects into the physics-centered environment of Spin+X;

(ii) ensure a faster, more efficient and better targeted transfer of know-how from basic science to applied
projects and vice versa, supervised by a Supply Chain manager;

(iii) coherently and effectively develop the science of spin phenomena for selected topics across traditional boundaries of disciplines.

In addition, all theory projects are organized in the Spin+X Interdisciplinary Theory Network (Spin+ITN).

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