Spin+X Interdisciplinary Theory Network (Spin+ITN)

The joint theory expertise of the Kaiserslautern and Mainz teams covers all aspects of solid-state spin-transport phenomena, at the analytical, phenomenological, and numerical level. The related expertise has been acquired over the years through the depth and breadth of spin-related research topics and techniques. Methods range from molecular and microscopic quantum chemical approaches at the atomic scale to semi-classical approaches appropriate for the macro-scale. They are capable of describing magnetic and collective dynamics ranging from femtoseconds to the microseconds; matching perfectly the range of length and timescales that is covered experimentally in Spin+X.

This range of expertise in the various theory groups of Spin+X is organized in a Spin+X Interdisciplinary Theory Network (Spin+ITN). Spin+ITN covers the entire theory spectrum of spin phenomena at different time scales, lengths scales, degrees of correlation effects, and interactions. The tools will allow us to obtain theoretical insights that will guide future directions of our research as well as provide a continuous feedback loop between theoretical and experimental efforts that are designed as joint projects. These continuous parallel interactions between theory and experiment will accelerate discoveries and the understanding of the systems. Spin+ITN is thus closely intertwined with the network of Spin+X Supply Chains.

Spin+ITN makes use of the established infrastructure of the Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center (SPICE, financed through the Humboldt Professorship of J. Sinova).