Research Area A: Fundamental Spin Phenomena


A01 Spin+Orbit Coupling: Orbitronics and spin-orbit effects


A02 Spin+Optical Control: Optical engineering of spin-ordered states on the fs timescale


A03 Spin+A-magnets: Computational spintronics with altermagnets and antiferromagnets


A04 Spin+Phonons: Exploring the interplay between spins and phonons of spin crossover materials and single-molecule magnets


A05 Spin+Symmetry: Spin torques and polarization induced by bulk symmetry


A08 Spin+Exchange Dynamics: Exchange interaction on ultrafast timescales


A09 Spin+Molecular Structure: Tuning hybrid molecule/magnet systems by molecular design


A11 Spin+AFM Dynamics: Driving antiferromagnetism by currents of angular momentum and lattice dynamics


A12 Spin+Sensing: Nanoscale spin-phenomena revealed using NV magnetometry