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Online-seminar: Project management with scrum - Keep on top of your projects and tasks by using scrum

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27.09.2024, 08:00 – 16:00, online



Target group

Young researchers at the RPTU interested in agile project management


Seminar description

Projects increase in numbers and importance since the complexity of businesses and research topics increases. Combine these with uncertainty and highly dynamic goals and classic project management approaches reach their limits. Agile methods such as scrum can help, staying focused and flexible at the same time.


Learning objectives

Participants get to know agile project management with scrum. They gain insight in the several tasks of product owners, scrum masters and the scrum team and understand the typical approach in agile projects using scrum.

Additionally, they learn using Kanban-boards as a method to keep track of numerous tasks – as individuals and as teams in projects and other contexts.



Participants receive documents in the form of worksheets as well as the presentation for download


Workshop language




Oliver Ferreau 


Technical requirements

The content is presented online on the video conferencing platform Jitsi. The interactive processing of the group tasks takes place on a Miro-Board.

Participants need a computer with an up-to-date Internet browser, a quiet environment and a headset. Ideally, two screens are required, but not mandatory.



Participation is limited. Please register bindingly via this online registration form by 23.08.2024 

When registering, please be sure to indicate: Start of application phase/expected end of PhD (the indication is possible via the comment field on the last page of the registration form).You will be informed about your admission to the course only after the registration deadline! 

The workshop is open to all young scientists at RPTU and of Fraunhofer ITWM and IESE. Participation is free of charge. Please note our information on the conditions of participation and on registration.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Inga Nissen: nwr-info[at]rptu.de 

2 Personen mit riesigen Bleistiften stehen vor eine Pinnwand mit Klebezetteln