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Scientific Writing in STEM subjects (»MINT« subjects)

This workshop is offered in cooperation with the High Performance Center Simulation and Software Based Innovation.


When & where?

Dates for the online sessions:


Session 1:  20.06.2024, 9:00 h – 14:00 h

Session 2:  21.06.2024, 9:00 h – 14:00 h

Practice (Division into two small groups)
Please indicate your preference in the comment field when registering!

Session 3: 26.06.2024, 9:00 h – 13:00 h (Group 1) or

Session 4: 27.06.2024, 9:00 h – 13:00 h (Group 2)

The arrangement of breaks will be agreed with the participants in the course.


What's it About?

The main focus of this online workshop is upon how to structure and how to present you data and messages in a scientific manuscript. The online workshop consists of two parts: theory and practice.


Learn step by step how to go about writing a paper:

Selecting and organising data: Which data can I publish? Do I already have enough results for a publication? How should I organise my paper? I will introduce simple strategies you can use to find answers to these questions.

What are the sections of a paper and how are they structured: We will look at the sections of a scientific paper (abstract, introduction, materials & methods, results, discussion) and discuss in detail which kinds of information belong in each section and how these contents need to be presented in the sections.

Submitting the finished paper: Choosing a journal to submit your paper to; what to take care of when submitting the manuscript; how to deal with the referees' replies - from rejected to accepted.

Other topics: How to make your manuscript coherent - structural and linguistic tools. No writing without reading. Help, I have writer's block! 



Analysis of your own texts: You bring your own texts along. Together, we will analyse these in detail based on the principles you have learned in the workshop and will also revise the texts accordingly. You will experience how your text is perceived by your readers and how to improve it.


And Besides …

A handbook, and plenty of space for discussion: The workshop includes a comprehensive handbook that describes step by step how to prepare a publication, many examples for you to learn from and a lot of space for discussion and individual questions.


Target group

The workshop is aimed at young scientists, in particular doctoral students, who have little or no experience of writing research publications, and researchers with some experience of writing who want to make the writing process easier for them by learning some basic guidelines.

Maximum number of participants: 12 

Course language: English


Technical Requirements

  • PC or laptop with Internet connection.
  • Powerful internet with a current browser.
  • A quiet workplace.
  • The online seminar takes place via zoom.



Dr. Eva Müller is a scientific author, writing coach and book author (UTB-Verlag: Schreiben in Naturwissenschaften und Medizin).



Participation is limited. Please register bindingly via the online registration form of the Leistungszentrum by 30.05.2024

You will only be informed about your admission to the course after the registration deadline.

The advanced training and continuing education course is open to to all PhD students at RPTU and of the Fraunhofer Institutes IESE and ITWM. Please note our information on the conditions of participation and registration.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Inga Nissen nwr-info[at]rptu.de