Dr. Dogukan Cansin Karakus

Associate Fellow

Dogukan Cansin Karakus is a postdoctoral researcher at the Peace Academy of Rhineland-Palatinate. He is also a Fellow of the Uppsala-SIPRI Peace Lab, an experimental laboratory for peace and conflict research, and the PRIO Research School on Peace and Conflict. In 2020, he successfully defended his dissertation entitled "Power Mediators and Pure Mediators: Exploring their Impact on Implementing Internal Peace Agreements. Between 2016 and 2020, he conducted five international projects on behalf of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies / Department of Psychology at Uppsala University and the Department of Economics at the University of Innsbruck. Tasks included conducting a community-based survey in Iraq after the fall of ISIS (N:1024), conducting a community-based survey among Syrian and Iraqi refugees (N: 6803), and conducting a natural field experiment on the cognitive development of 100 Syrian refugee families in Turkey (published by Royal Society Open Science). Since 2016, he has been collecting daily data on ceasefire agreements in the Syrian civil war. This research was published in the Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence in 2017, and an expanded edition is currently under review for publication in the Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Academic occupations

2021-2022Friedensakademie Rheinland-Pfalz, Universität Koblenz-Landau, Post-Doc
2018-2019Universität Göttingen, Lecturer
2018Universität Uppsala, Research Fellow


Academic training


Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, PhD

06/2016 -

Peace Research Institute Oslo, Visiting Scientist

2015-2016Universität Uppsala, Visiting PhD
2012-2014Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, M.A. Political Science
2008-2011Freie Universität Berlin, B.A. Political Science


Karakus, Dogukan Cansin (2021): Power Mediators and Pure Mediators: Exploring their Impact on Implementing Internal Peace Agreements. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Karakus, Dogukan Cansin (2015): Friedens- und Konfliktbearbeitung in Bürgerkriegen: Regional-institutionelle Friedensmissionen im Kosovo, in Bosnien-Herzegowina, Liberia und Sierra Leone. Hamburg: Diplomica Verlag.

Articles and Book Chapters

Gredebäck, Gustaf; Haas, Sara; Hall, Jonathan; Pollak, Seth; Karakus, Dogukan Cansin; Lindskog, Marcus (2021): Social cognition in refugee children: an experimental cross-sectional study of emotional processing with Syrian families in Turkish communities. In: Royal Society Open Science. Bd. 8. Nr. 8.

Svensson, Isak; Karakus, Dogukan Cansin; Lundgren, Magnus (2018): Pause or Peace?: Exploring the Impact of Local Ceasefires on Battle-Related Deaths in the Syrian Civil War, 2012-2017.

Karakus, Dogukan Cansin; Svensson, Isak (2017): Between the Bombs: Exploring Partial Ceasefires in the Syrian Civil War, 2011–2017. In: Terrorism and Political Violence. Bd. 32. Nr. 4. S. 681-700.


Karakus, Dogukan Cansin (2011): Minderheitenpolitik der Türkei und Spaniens: Ein Vergleich zwischen den Minderheiten der Basken in Spanien und der Kurden in der Türkei hinsichtlich ihrer Sprach- und Bildungsfreiheit innerhalb der jeweiligen Gesetzgebung. Freie Universität Berlin.

Blog Entries, Working Paper & Book Reviews

Skoog, Eric; Hall, Jonathan; Karakus, Dogukan Cansin (2020): Kindness in the aftermath of cruelty?: The effects of exposure to war-time trauma on altruism across social categories.

Hall, Jonathan; Skoog, Eric; Karakus, Dogukan Cansin (2017): Complex Stereotypes Determine Prosociality Following Exposure to Sectarian Conflict, ISA Baltimore 2017.

Karakus, Dogukan Cansin (2016): Syrian Civil War (2011-2015): Local Agreements Between Fighting Parties and Reflections of National Peace.

Karakus, Dogukan Cansin (2015): Yemen: A new Proxy War or a Continuous Arab Spring?.

Karakus, Dogukan Cansin (2015): Peace Talks between the Turkish Government and the PKK: Quality, Responsibility and the Significance of the “Monitoring Committee”.


04/2022 "Der Deutsch-Französische Frieden und der Syrische Bürgerkrieg", "Auftaktveranstaltung Finding Peaces - Was bedeutet Frieden?" Online-Vortrag 26.04.2022