You want to get involved and deal with contents of your field of study besides your studies? In the Hiwi Job Exchange, you will find current job offers from the departments and institutions of the RPTU.

To see the ads for Hiwis you have to switch to the German page, because the datasets are not available in English.

What are Hiwis?

A student assistant, or Hiwi for short, is a student (graduate or undergraduate) who works alongside their studies at RPTU. The tasks of a Hiwi differ depending on their field of study and the position offered.

Why a Hiwi position at RPTU?

  • You will work together with professors and staff of a department and build up a professional network already during your studies
  • By working on current projects, you will gain insights into research and gain practical experience in your field of study
  • A Hiwi position is a good introduction to a later academic career

Further information on recruitment and salary (internal area - login required)

How can I place an ad?

As an employee of the RPTU or an affiliated institute, you can post ads. However, you have to switch to the German page for this. (internal area - login required)