Young talent
at the RPTU


The RPTU considers the promotion of young academics - from doctoral studies to professorships - to be a special task and an important mission. It attaches great importance to scientific career and personnel development and offers a diverse and target-group-specific range of continuing education, consulting, support and coaching services in German and English. Particularly popular across all career phases, for example, is the mobility promotion program, which provides financial support for travel to conferences and research stays.
The youngest "scientific offspring" is also important to us - the Family Service will be happy to inform you!

Co-determination through
academic self-administration


We promote the commitment and self-organization of young academics, e.g. in the elected doctoral student representation and through their active involvement in the junior researcher support institutions at both locations.



Doing a doctorate at the RPTU


Doctoral students at both locations find a wide range of support - from continuing education and financial support opportunities to counseling and coaching.
In addition, we promote interdisciplinary and personal exchange, e.g. within the framework of various networking formats, such as the Young Researchers' Symposium and doctoral regulars' tables.



Shaping the postdoc phase


Whether they have just completed their doctorate or are on their way to a professorship, postdocs will find a variety of support options and structures to accompany them on their further academic or non-academic career path. For example, start-up financing for third-party funded projects, advice from the start-up office and networking events.



Assumption of a
junior research group leadership,
Junior or tenure-track professorship


In many areas, this phase represents a special challenge in which we are happy to accompany you at all levels, e.g. through financial support. The fireside evening offers you the opportunity for direct exchange with the university management, for collegial exchange and for initiating interdisciplinary cooperation.



Are you looking for concrete support on site?


Do not hesitate and get in touch with us. The TU-Nachwuchsring in Kaiserslautern and the Center for Graduate Support and Academic Personnel Development in Landau (ZGaPL) offer a variety of site-specific and cross-site formats and support services. We look forward to meeting you!


ZGaPL in Landau   TU-Nachwuchsring in Kaiserslautern


Do you have questions about your scientific career at RPTU? We help!


The Career Development and Appointments Office offers a comprehensive information and advice management around the scientific career development from the doctorate to the appointment to a (lifetime) professorship at RPTU.


Unit 7 Career Development and Appointments