Welcome to RPTU

Dear Master and Doctoral students!

I am very pleased to welcome you to RPTU.

It will be your adopted place of residence for the next years, and the jump board for your career, hopefully. That is why it is so important that it was a good choice. Various reasons have prompted each of you to go this step. One reason is very likely your interest in one of our attractive master programs, offering a broad range of disciplines from natural science over engineering to computer sciences, as well as in economics and in social sciences, respectively. Or you have been offered an doctorate position in one of our numerous research-based and/or application-oriented groups. If you have come to us on recommendation you might heard about our strong co-operations between university, research institutions and industry, which provide a wide range of options and challenges. In view of this, RPTU seems to be a good choice.

What about further arguments strengthening your choice? For example, did you know our main topics regarding interpersonal action and communication at RPTU? These are: 1. Meet all members on eye-level, 2. All doors are wide open for your requests, 3. Take the chance for discussions with your professors and colleagues, and get in deeper contact with them, and 4. Ideas will be sponsored by the supervisors. Because these insights will strengthen your personality, you will be attractive for employers – in industry as well as in science. Well, I am pretty sure you made the right decision by coming to Kaiserslautern.

But, what about leisure beside an attractive and time consuming study? You will ask yourself whether you have enough time for that or not, and what is offered at all?

A master study program as well as a doctorate corresponds to a full time job. However, if you selected a program or a research project that fits to your personal interest and skills, and your former undergraduate or graduate study covers the necessary basic knowledge, the necessary effort for your new study is manageable. If it’s like that, you have enough time for leisure activities and recovery. RPTU with its more than 11,000 national students and its 2,400 international students from all over the world, present on our campus, corresponds to a medium-sized university in Germany. This constellation fosters intercultural integration and contributes to a homely, trustworthy and cozy atmosphere. Life on campus provides opportunities for various sports and cultural activities. Its geographic location on the edge of the Palatine Forest, and at the same time in the center of Western Europe, make Kaiserslautern an ideal starting point for exploring Germany and its neighboring countries.

The Department of International Affairs: ISGS will do its very best to support you and make your studies a success and your stay at Kaiserslautern a pleasant one.

I am absolutely sure you have made the right choice. Congratulations!

Your Dr. Stefan Löhrke

Vice President for Student & Academic Affairs