The RPTU consists of 16 departments, a central administration, numerous central institutions and the organized student body. It is managed by the Presidential Board in cooperation with the committees and bodies of the RPTU.

The collegial presidency leads the RPTU. It consists of the presidential dual leadership, four vice presidents and the chancellor. It is responsible for the university policy goals and the development of the university.


University Leadership


The academic self-administration of the RPTU is shaped in committees. The University Council, Senate, Advisory Boards or Senate Committees discuss all essential matters of the university.


University Bodies



RPTU's central facilities provide information and services that are central to the university as a whole and, in many cases, equally bridges to the community.


Central Facilities


RPTU maintains highly successful collaborations with renowned research institutions. The aim of this cooperation is to link basic university research with research outside the university, in particular to accelerate the development and implementation of innovations.


Research Institutes



Our Faculties


























The administration supports research, studies and teaching as well as the university management with services in university development, legal affairs, finances, personnel, student affairs, construction, operations and technology.

In its own mission statement, the administration presents its self-image as a service unit and describes fundamental values of its work.


Mission statement in the science support area

RPTU's leadership guidelines set forth the principles of leadership for the science support area.


Management Guidelines

We support digital working where it is possible and makes sense. Digital work requires separate attention to various aspects. The science support area takes this into account in a code.


Code for digital working





Legal Guidelines



Our Student Body

The students of the University of Kaiserslautern-Landau are organized at the respective main location of their studies. The general student committees represent them in the committees of the RPTU.


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