Goals and Profile


The University of Kaiserslautern-Landau is a future-oriented university. It is characterized by a lively inter-site cooperation.

At RPTU, more than 290 professors conduct research with their teams: By networking our research expertise, we address the complex and major challenges of our time such as climate change, digitalization and societal transformation. In our research profile, we have defined focal points and formulated common goals.




Innovative teaching, research practice in the course of studies and a range of courses that imparts competencies for the challenges of tomorrow - this is what distinguishes studies and teaching at RPTU. In more than 160 study programs, RPTU students develop into subject specialists, founders and excellent researchers.


Learning & Teaching


Distinguished as an "Innovative University", RPTU pushes the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology. In dialog with business and society, we find solutions for current issues of today and tomorrow. Furthermore, it is our goal to improve the exploitation of intellectual property, especially through spin-offs. In this way, we make an active contribution to promoting innovation and competitiveness in the region.




RPTU is cosmopolitan and international: We maintain worldwide networks and promote the international mobility of all university members. We warmly welcome international students, researchers, lecturers and employees and offer them a diverse range of programs, also in English.




RPTU becomes sustainable: We advance the sustainable development of our university - in research, teaching, transfer, operations, administration, organization and university community. The 17 global Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations form our frame of reference.




Digitization has many facets: It is a subject of research, it changes studies and teaching, and it permeates all areas of our everyday university life. RPTU has set itself the task of seizing the opportunities of digitization without misjudging its risks.







Mission Statement




The promotion of young scientists is a central part of the university culture at RPTU. We support young researchers through offers of scientific personnel and career development, e.g. through a diverse range of advice, support and workshops.


Promotion of young talent


At RPTU, we are actively committed to equality, equal opportunities, family-friendliness and protection against sexualized violence. The Equal Opportunity Officers and the staff of the Equality, Diversity and Family Office are contact persons for all university members.