University Foundation for RPTU

The Foundation (a tax-exempt, nonprofit organisation) was set up for the RPTU and formed on July 19, 2006. It has the general structure of a community or public foundation and, as such, relies on charitable contributions. The purpose of the foundation is clearly stated in its preamble:

“As the sole technical university in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, RPTU assumes an obligation to facilitate research, teaching, and education at a high standard of quality. The Foundation provides the university with support and opportunities independent of public budgets in order to develop concepts that further the higher educational goals of the institution and enable the implementation of new and innovative initiatives. The founders want to make it possible for these aims to achieve their fullest potential.”

With the support of 12 patrons, the Foundation acquired the Villa Denis and the Diemerstein Castle grounds at the end of 2007. These properties, which are located in nearby Frankenstein, house the headquarters of the Foundationand serve as a conference center for researchers and donors.


Villa Denis - Home of the University Foundation

Days at the Villa Denis

Assisting the Best Students