Mission statement
of the RPTU



The University of Kaiserslautern and the Landau Campus of the University of Koblenz-Landau are growing together to form the future-oriented Rhineland-Palatinate University Kaiserslautern-Landau. This is characterized by a lively cooperation between the two campuses.

In the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, as the heir to two campuses with long traditions rooted in the Palatinate, it is the only technical university and at the same time the only institution at which teacher training for all types of schools is provided.


We see it as our task to educate students comprehensively in order to contribute to the solution of challenges facing society as a whole. In a complex and rapidly changing world, we provide them with the necessary skills to assume responsibility in business, society and science.

We are committed to national and international cutting-edge research according to the highest standards, in particular transparency and reproducibility. To this end, we continuously support our members in developing their potential.

In partnership with society, business and politics, we bear responsibility for the state and the region. We are also a driver for supraregional as well as international networking and digitization.

Core values

We see ourselves as a community of students, scientists and employees for the promotion of science and education. We guarantee unrestricted freedom of teaching and research. The foundation for our cooperation are our core values.



We promote research, education and training in the subjects and beyond the subject disciplines, based on the highest standards of performance. In particular, as an ever-evolving university, we encourage competition of ideas and international networking.


We live a cooperative relationship between students, scientists and employees. In this context, a joint university self-administration promotes democratic and responsible action with a view to the well-being of the university. Appreciation and openness in encounters and respect for diversity are the guidelines of our interaction. We create a climate that strengthens the willingness to perform and the health of all.


We attach great importance to cooperation across disciplines and locations, characterized by productive collaboration between administration and service, science management, and research and teaching. To this end, we particularly promote service orientation and the establishment of short communication channels. We maintain existing and establish new academic, economic and social partnerships on a national and international level.


Our success is drawn from an appreciative environment of people from different backgrounds, cultures, ideas and perspectives in a climate of trusting cooperation. We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and equal opportunity and oppose all forms of discrimination. In this way, we ensure mutual respect for the different biographies, lifestyles and family models of our members through a culture of recognition.

Social responsibility

We question the consequences of our actions. We accompany and support innovation processes in cooperation with politics, society and business through knowledge, idea and technology transfer and critically reflect on these processes. Sustainability is the elementary basic value of our university organization; in particular, we are committed to the goals of Agenda 2030.









Research orientation in study and teaching

Following the guiding principles of "research-oriented studies" and "education through science", we understand research and teaching as a synergetic and integrative unit. Our study programs combine scientific expertise with systemic and critical thinking, create starting points for application orientation and interdisciplinarity, and provide space to address future topics of a cross-sectional nature. In this way, we create an attractive environment for students who are capable of performance and enthusiastic. Our goal is to enable our students to continue their education independently, to pass on their knowledge and to gain new scientific insights.

Outstanding international research

We actively focus our research on innovation, both within disciplines and across disciplines. In doing so, we allow ourselves to be measured against the highest national and international standards, the further development of which we drive ourselves. We are committed to the DFG guidelines on good scientific practice. We strive for an outstanding position in international competition in basic research as well as in application-oriented research, manifested by excellent publications, successful acquisition of third-party funding and a high reputation in the scientific community.

To this end, we promote profile areas that can hold their own through scientific excellence at national and international level in coordinated programs. We cooperate with leading national and international research partners and non-university research institutes.

Support at all levels

For us, sustainable success is closely linked to the potential and commitment of people in all areas of work and at all levels. Therefore, we accompany, support and promote students, scientists and employees in a need- and goal-oriented manner in all phases of their life and work.

Innovative educational research and teacher training

We are the only university in Rhineland-Palatinate that offers teacher training for all types of schools. With a broad spectrum of subjects and based on proven subject sciences and outstanding educational research, we offer teacher training programs that enable future teachers to act competently both professionally and pedagogically and to further think about and develop schools on the basis of the latest scientific findings.

Research in the field of tension "Technology-Society-Environment

Due to the broad spectrum of engineering, natural science, humanities and social science disciplines, we also see the field of tension "technology-society-environment" as a central research subject of our university. Research at the interfaces of these fields specifically promotes innovation and knowledge gain.

Continuing education and lifelong learning

Building on the existing tradition of the two campuses, we offer, in addition to undergraduate teaching, offerings for lifelong academic education and continuing education. These are complemented by strong research expertise along the entire educational chain and consolidate the top position in distance learning.

Networking, position in the country and region, social responsibility

As a research-oriented technical university, we accept our responsibility for our state and region and make a central contribution to the transfer of knowledge to society.

We participate in regional, national and international discourses, accompany evidence-based as well as critical current social developments and actively contribute to national and international committees.

In the area of teacher education for all types of schools, we face the special task of networking school, research, education and working life.

Through research and transfer, the university accelerates and supports the innovative strength and competitiveness of business and industry in the region.

As an employer and by promoting spin-offs, it contributes to the labor market and the attractiveness of the location.

Networking with society and the region is also significantly driven by our alumni.

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