Values of the RPTU


Excellence, collegiality, cooperation, integrity and social responsibility are the core values of our common work at RPTU. We set out our self-image as a scientific organization in a mission statement and in guidelines for good scientific practice.

Our mission statement



We promote research, education and training in and across disciplines, based on the highest standards of performance. In particular, as an ever-evolving university, we promote competition of ideas and international networking.






We live a cooperative relationship between students, scientists and employees. A joint university self-administration promotes democratic and responsible action with a view to the well-being of the university. Appreciation and openness in encounters and respect for diversity are the guidelines of our interaction. We create a climate that strengthens the willingness to perform and the health of all.





We attach great importance to cooperation across disciplines and locations based on partnership and characterized by productive cooperation between administration and service, science management, and research and teaching. To this end, we particularly promote service orientation and the establishment of short communication channels. We maintain existing and establish new academic, economic and social partnerships on a national and international level.





Our success is drawn from an appreciative environment of people from different backgrounds, cultures, ideas and perspectives in a climate of trusting cooperation. We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and equal opportunity and oppose all forms of discrimination. In this way, we ensure mutual respect for the different biographies, lifestyles and family models of our members through a culture of recognition.



Social responsibility


We question the consequences of our actions. We accompany and support innovation processes in cooperation with politics, society and business through knowledge, idea and technology transfer and critically reflect on these processes. Sustainability is the elementary basic value of our university organization; in particular, we are committed to the goals of Agenda 2030.



The foundation for togetherness at RPTU are our core values. The Equal Opportunity Officers and the Equality, Diversity & Family Office work constantly to promote equality, diversity and equal opportunity and oppose all forms of discrimination. We are committed to a culture of recognition and respect and support all phases of life.


Equality, Diversity & Family

RPTU promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities. The Disabled Persons' Representative Council advocates for the integration of people with disabilities, represents their interests and supports the university in removing barriers in everyday work.




We fill our organizational culture for sustainability, which is anchored in the RPTU mission statement, with concrete life and review it with regard to conformity. In our sustainability efforts, we rely on the participation of as many stakeholders as possible.