Promotion of participation in German courses

TU-Nachwuchsring - We promote young scientists!

The TU-Nachwuchsring wants to support international young scientists of the RPTU who want to learn German on the job or improve their German language skills!

Therefore, until further notice, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers of the RPTU can apply for the coverage of the participation fees of the "Abendkurse Deutsch" of the VKB e.V.. The courses take place twice a week from 5:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. during the semester on the campus in Kaiserslautern.

The sponsorship will be advertised once per semester until further notice. The announcement for the next semester can be found below.

Save the date!

German courses in summer semester 2024 in the period 29.04.2024 – 26.07.2024!

Announcement for the summer semester 2024

Assumption of the participation costs for the „Abendkurs Deutsch“ of the VKB e.V.

The VKB e.V. offers German courses as evening classes for international scientists and students in the summer semester 2024. Young scientists of the RPTU can apply for reimbursement of the participation fees at the TU-Nachwuchsring, which are normally 190€ (for enrolled PhD students) or 300€ (for non-students).

Who is eligible to apply?

Young scientists of the RPTU, i.e. employees and scholarship holders of the RPTU who are doctoral candidates, postdocs, junior professors, junior group leaders and tenure-track professors (cf. criteria for young scientists of the TU-Nachwuchsring).

What will be supported?

The course fees for the „Abendkurs Deutsch“ of the VKB e.V. in the summer semester 2024 (course period: 29.04.2024 to 26.07.2024), which amount to 190 € (for course participants who are enrolled as doctoral students at the RPTU) or 300 € (for course participants who are not enrolled at the RPTU).

How does the reimbursement work?

Reimbursement is made after providing proof of successful participation. This means that you first register for the German course at the VKB e.V. and also pay the course fee yourself to the VKB e.V. (please note the registration deadlines and conditions of participation of the VKB e.V.!). The reimbursement of the course fees will be made after presentation of a payment receipt for the course fee, as well as after proof of successful participation in the course. Prerequisite for successful participation is the attendance of at least 75% of the lessons as well as the examination at the end of the course. Furthermore, the conditions of participation for German courses of the VKB e.V. apply.

How do I apply for funding?

If you are interested, please send us the following documents to nwr-info[at] by 15.04.2024:

  • Application form (German/ English)
  • Proof of belonging to the group of eligible applicants:
    • Doctoral students, who are enrolled as doctoral students: current certificate of enrollment.
    • RPTU employees (young researchers holding a doctoral degree as well as non-enrolled, but registered, doctoral students):
    • Scholarship holders who are not enrolled as doctoral students (e.g. postdocs): Proof of status as a scholarship holder at RPTU.

We will inform you in the middle of April at the latest whether you are eligible for funding. There is no entitlement to funding.

If you have any questions regarding the sponsorship, please contact the office of the TU-Nachwuchsring (nwr-info[at] For questions about the German course, please contact the staff of VKB e.V. (contact form).

Download Application form

  • Application form assumption of costs "Deutschkurs" _German_SuSe 2024
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  • Application form assumption of costs "Deutschkurs" _English_SuSe 2024
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