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With e-learning courses, you can decide for yourself when and at what pace you want to learn.

On this page you will find a selection of e-learning courses that are free of charge for young scientists at RPTU. 

E-learning course:

Good scientific practice in doctoral studies

How should research results be documented? What is the right way to cite? How does one handle image sources? Answers to questions about working correctly are provided in the eLearning course "Good Academic Practice During Doctoral Studies" in German and English.

GRADE, the graduate academy of the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt has designed an interdisciplinary course which conveys the most important aspects of good scientific praxis in an interactive way. Also, more doctorate topics are covered: How to plan and organize the research plans in an useful way or which legal aspects, like in the labour law and copyright, are relevant for Ph.D. students. Five modules are available, containing comprehensive information, tests to check the knowledge gained as well as supplementary information materials. To pass all modules it needs about 60 minutes.

The contents of the course are descripted on the GRADE-website.

After finishing the course there is the possibility to receive a certificate.

Members of the Nachwuchsring receive free licenses for participating the course:

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Online courses on self-learning and methodological skills

The Zentrum für Innovation und Digitalisierung in Studium und Lehre (ZIDiS) offers RPTU employees participation in online courses on the following topics:

These two self-study modules are available in English:

  • Time and Self-Management
  • Present successfully

These modules are available in German:

  • Erfolgreich online präsentieren (online rally, supervised online course)
  • Online-Kommunikation und -Moderation (supervised online course)
  • Work-Life-Learn-Balance (supervised online course)
  • Aktiv und reflexiv lernen (self-study module)
  • Erfolgreich präsentieren (self-study module)
  • Informationen strukturieren und Wissen erweitern (self-study module)
  • Zeit- und Selbstmanagement (self-study module)

These are free online offerings for the further development of one's own competencies. Participation in the unsupervised self-learning modules is possible at any time of day or night. You can find more information here.


The tutorial-supported online courses have a duration of about 6 weeks and are held once or twice per semester. You can find the dates here.

Successful participation is confirmed by a certificate of attendance.


The registration form for the  eDLS courses in German language can be found here and the form for the courses in English on this page.

If you have any questions, please contact ZIDiS directly.

Contact person is Elisa Strozzi: zidis-workshoplehre[at]rptu.de

E-Learning course:

Science Communication

As a scientist, how and with whom do you communicate about your research? Science communication can be a central aspect of scientific work. It promotes social understanding, strengthens trust in science, enables innovation and inspires people to educate themselves and participate in scientific dialogue. The basic course will provide you with useful know-how if you are communicating about your research or considering a career in science communication. Would you like to use social media to communicate about your research? The additional social media course (only in german) is particularly useful if you have concrete plans to use your own social media channels and communicate about your research there.


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The course teaches basic skills for successful science communication. It focuses on the definition of science communication, the roles of different actors, and the different dimensions, including target group, topic, medium, style and goal. Special emphasis is placed on the interaction between science and the media, trust in science and the development of media skills. The aim is to promote a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of science communication and to develop the necessary skills and abilities. Learn more here.


National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik).


The Basis-cource is available in english and german.

For whom?

Members of the TU-Nachwuchsrings receive free licenses for participation the course.


The e-learning units can be flexibly integrated into everyday working life at any time and from anywhere. The course lasts 8 hours and comprises 14 modules that can be accessed online at any time. You have 6 months (after registration) to work on the content and complete the course. After completing the course and the final test, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Combination of the course "Basics of Science Communication" and the additional course "Social Media in Science Communication"

The additional social media course is currently only offered in German.

IDEENWALD -Qualifizierungsprogramm

The digital course offering of the IDEENWALD project is aimed at (prospective) founders and includes a Start-up course in English as well as many interesting courses in German language that provide practical knowledge and insights into many corners of the startup world.

E-learning courses from goodhabitz

Department 6.1 - Quality Management/ Human Resources Development - offers employees free participation in all e-learning courses on thegoodhabitz platform.

You can register with your RHRZ accounthere. You can choose from a wide range of courses on topics such as productivity, management and teamwork, leadership skills or personal development.

To make the selection easier, we have compiled interesting courses for our target groups. Have fun browsing and trying them out!

By the way: Most of the courses are offered in different languages, besides German and English, for example also in French, Spanish and Italian!



For doctoral students

Disciplined people are healthier, happier and more successful! Guess what? Discipline is like a muscle, so better start your willpower workout today!

196 min - 5 lessons

Click here for more info.

Dying to hear how you’re doing? Hungry for feedback? This course will help you find the right way to ask for it.

190 min - 5 lessons

Ready to send your brainchild out into the world and turn ideas into plans? Learn how to lead productive brainstorming sessions. Let’s get crackin’!

216 min - 5 lessons


Feeling tense and worn out? Sort out your priorities quickly with the 80/20 rule. Soon enough, you'll have time to spare!

204 min - 5 lessons

Click here for more info


Emails, calls, and questions from co-workers gobbling up all of your time? The training course ‘Time Management’ will help you take back what’s yours!

218 min -  5 lessons


Mind maps help you organise your thoughts and expand your brainpower. Get your crayons out!

208 min - 5 lessons


Stop dreaming, start doing! You work to get what you want. No more loose ends: you see things through!

189 min - 5 lessons

Click here to get to the course.


For applicants

Found the job of your dreams? Once you’ve taken this training course, they’d be fools not to hire you.

203 min - 5 lessons


That promotion is yours! That new job is yours! It’s all yours! As long as you’re bold, that is. Fortune favours the brave…

207 min -  5 lessons

Click here to get to the course.


What fail-safe tricks does the master negotiator have up their sleeve? This online course will tell you, having you sign deal after deal in no-time.

212 min - 5 lessons

What does your body language say about you? Include your face and physique in your message. The best way to do that? This course is here to help!

214 min - 5 lessons

No more stuttering while networking. No more stammering during presentations. Brush up on your Business English and take it to the next level!

401 min - 5 lessons

Click here to get to the course.


The course "Understand Business English" will help you brush up on your English comprehension skills. The more you practise, the more you’ll understand!

361 min - 5 lessons


No more embarrassing typos in your emails and status updates. Sharpen your pencil and your business English – time to start writing!

373 min - 5 lessons


For PhDs

Want to become a better, more effective networker? Take our training course The Art of Networking.

220 min - 5 lessons


Think like a strategist! From hiring competent staff to developing a perfect marketing strategy. Complete this course and think like a field marshal!

189 min - 5 lessons


Ready to master the art of letting go? Then start by confidently delegating some of your tasks! This training course will teach you exactly how.

209 min - 5 lessons

Want to have an impact, inspire, know when and how to offer support and guidance, while staying true to yourself and your vision? Here’s your manual.

201 min - 5 lessons


How to help your employees be the best they can be? This ‘Talent Development’ course is an excellent start to make them shine!

199 min - 5 lessons


For everyone!

Stress as a helping hand? Most definitely! Healthy tension boosts performance, so you get things done. How? This training course will teach you.

237 min - 5 lessons


Let’s scrum! Keep track of all projects big and small. The result? On-time and on-budget products, self-organising teams and happy customers.

223 min - 5 lessons


You’ve got sixty seconds to tell your story, so plan, practise, and perform! With this course you’ll create an elevator pitch to blow everyone away.

210 min - 5 lessons


You haven’t lived till you’ve tried LSD! (That’d be ‘Listen, Summarise, Dig deeper.’) Deeper understanding, better solutions and smarter decisions.

193 min - 5 lessons

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How do you make online work efficient? How do you create team spirit? Our Online Teamwork course has the answers.

206 min - 5 lessons


Want to solve practical and theoretical problems in a creative way? Take the online course Design Thinking.

216 min - 5 lessons


How do you make better decisions? Delve into the science of it and use these new insights to your advantage. Make up your mind!

239 min - 5 lessons