Mensa and Cafeteria on Campus

The student canteen and cafeteria in Fortstrasse, building E5, are the main canteen or Mensa on Landau campus. A second canteen and cafeteria are located in Bürgerstrasse.

They are committed to sustainability and a regional, seasonal, tasty and varied cuisine, what won them the Environmental Award of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2019.

A menu includes a soup of the day, main course, salad or vegetables, and dessert for 3.50 euro for students and 6.50 euro for guests.
Students can choose between a meal with meat or vegetarian/vegan meal every day. Any allergens and additives are stated with every meal.

Once you have decided which meal to have, you line up for either meal 1 (meat) or 2 (vegetarian/vegan). You pay your meal cashless with the UniCard, your student ID card, at the counter. The exact amount will be debited automatically.

You can only pay cashless for meals with your UniCard. To do so, you need to deposit money onto the card, using the account crediting machines in building E3 just outside the student canteen. In case you lose your UniCard, it can be blocked via e-mail to our Student Service Center on the Landau campus. However, when a card is lost, it cannot be reimbursed! When you graduate or leave the University, you can return your UniCard and receive back any remaining funds.

The cafeteria on campus, next to the student canteen, offers freshly brewed coffee specialties, sandwiches, wraps, vegan rolls and also sweets.
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In the cafeteria, you can pay cashless with your UniCard or with cash money.

Mensa Opening Hours

Lecture period:
Mon - Thu 11:30am to 14:00pm
Fri 11:30am to 13:30pm

Lecture-free period
Mon - Fri 11:30am to 13:30pm

Cafeteria Opening Hours

Lecture period
Mon - Thu 8:00am to 16:00pm
Fri 8:00am to 14:00pm

Lecture-free period
Mon - Thu 8:00am to 15:00pm
Fri 8:00am to 14:00pm