Bank Account




In Germany most of the payments, e.g., monthly rent, health insurance, social contribution, are done by bank transfer. It is, hence, necessary to open a bank account/Bankkonto immediately after your arrival.

Various banks are located in Landau. Most banks offer free accounts for young people under 26 and students.

Please note: It is important that you have access to your money very soon after your arrival!

It can take up to two weeks to unblock your blocked account. We, therefore, recommend to carry cash in Euros from your home country for the first weeks (administration fees, semester contribution, first rent, etc. – approx. EUR 1000) with you. Immediately after your arrival you need to open a bank account.

Another possibility could be that you forward your bank data to your parents / responsible persons in your home country (who have access to your money) and they transfer the money to you. This procedure will take at least one week!