Once you have decided to come to RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau and your application has been accepted, we support you with preparing an easy journey to Germany and arrival in Landau.

Whether you need help with your visa or with finding a suitable accommodation, plan your journey from the airport to the city of Landau - we offer support to ensure a safe arrival at the RPTU.


Beware: rental scammers!


How do I recognize fake profiles of landlords?

- Examine the person's profile: Who is the person? What information do they reveal about themselves?

  • References to a made-up fake profile:
    • The person is attractive above average and has attractive, professional photos (e.g. "model" photos ). Nevertheless, the photos do not have any likes or comments.
    • The profile has less or none Facebook friends.
    • Hardly any interactions (e.g. conversations) take place in the chronicle.
    • The Facebook profile was only created shortly before contact was made.
    • Contact is often made in English. The comment function is switched off.

If you should pay into an non-German bank account, eg., UK or receive a phone number from Great Britain (0044..)  please take care!

In general: Do not pay anything in advance!


Obtaining Your Visa
Getting to Landau