Excellent Education at Low Costs

1Tuition Fee
No tuition fees, tuition fees are covered by the state of Rhineland Palatinate.

Social contribution: ca. 370 EUR per year
Approximately 185 EUR per semester, the contribution includes e.g.:

  • Free bus & train transportation MON - FRI 7 pm - 5 am, SAT+SUN and bank holidays all day in the area around Landau
  • Reduced prices in student canteen and cafeteria on campus
  • Free university sports courses
  • Reductions for students, e.g., in cinemas, museums, sports facilities

Semester ticket

Depending on where you are going to stay, you can either opt for a ticket VRN or KVV (if you stay in the Karlsruhe area):


Handling fee for your application through uni-assist

uni-assist charges a fee of 75 EUR for the evaluation of your education certificates and the checking of further admission criteria for the first desired course of study in a semester.

Each additional desired course of study per semester costs 30 EUR.


  • Applicants who have been checked by uni-assist before can apply with the uni-assist evaluation report through the application portal of the university at no costs.

High Standards of Living at Low Costs

Monthly Costs: in total ~ 950 EUR

  • Accommodation approx.: ~350 - 450 EUR
  • Health insurance: ~115 EUR
  • Food: ~250 EUR
  • Clothing: ~ 50 EUR
  • Daily necessities: ~ 50 EUR
  • Internet & phone: ~ 25 EUR


Cost of Living - a snapshot on regional prices

  • Meal in refectory: 3.50 EUR
  • Loaf of bread: 2 EUR
  • Orange juice (1 liter): 1 EUR
  • Rice (1 kg): 2 EUR